Brett Andrews

Financial Consultant

Brett Andrews is a third-generation entrepreneur who cut his teeth in his dad’s garage assembling wiring harnesses for the family business. There is a deep loyalty and appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit that drives him.

He chose to make entrepreneurs his focus as he launched his financial planning services in 1998. His mission is to help his clients reach their goals in their business as well as their personal finances.

Brett’s was a portfolio manager from 2000-2011 during one of the most volatile financial markets in history. This experience led him to develop new and unique methods for portfolio design. These methods include more than just traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. He combines modern financial planning techniques with technical, quantitative, and behavioral analysis, to achieve a truly unique and dynamic approach to total wealth management.

Brett believes that having a financial advocate is of critical importance for the entrepreneur. A good advocate must have learned all the best practices, but must also have lived a life that only experience can teach a person.

As an experienced advocate, he has learned to see things in the entrepreneur’s financial situation that the entrepreneur just doesn’t see. Things like where the economy is in its cycle and if it is time to push the peddle down and grow, or if the indicators are saying to prepare for a downturn. Whatever the situation, he then helps coordinate the effort, and his resources, to make it happen.

He proposes solutions to resolve any gaps found in where the entrepreneur wants to be and where s/he is presently. And finally, he implements and maintains the customized plan to reach the desired objectives.

In short, Brett’ gift is his ability to both help the entrepreneur plan for financial success, but also to fuel the entrepreneur’s fire and passion to push on to make their dream come true.

Professional Designations, Degrees, Accreditations, and Achievements

  • Certified Wealth Strategist® (CWS®)
  • CWS® designation offered by Cannon Financial Institute
  • Senior Private Investment Portfolio Manager (PIM)- Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
  • Senior Quantum Portfolio Manager- Wachovia Securities, LLC
  • Quantum Portfolio Manager- Prudential Securities
  • Level 3 candidate for the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) designation
  • Advanced Broker Institute (Dorsey Wright & Associates) specializing in Point & Figure Technical Analysis*
  • Intermediate Broker Institute (Dorsey Wright & Associates) specializing in Point & Figure Technical Analysis*
  • Bachelors Business Administration- University of Phoenix with partial work at University of Texas at Austin
  • Marketing Associate- Salomon Smith Barney