Steve Meisenheimer

Consultant and Business Trainer

Steve Meisenheimer began his first business as a sophomore in high school in 1978. Inside of twelve years he built his company to be the largest commercial tree service in Arizona. In Steve’s career, he has now started (or acquired), built, and successfully sold, nine companies.

In 2004, Steve followed his dream by selling his companies and starting a leadership training program called “The Effective Leader” where he and his team train business owners to become business leaders.

He has been married for 33 years, and has three daughters. He is an accomplished public speaker, hosted a weekly radio show, has written over 100 articles and three books, and has produced a vast audio program for business owners that includes topics in the business disciplines of marketing, sales, operations, finance, management and leadership.

Steve met Brett Andrews in 2013 and immediately embraced his investment philosophies and priorities that help protect and grow the small business owner’s personal wealth as they build their businesses.

From his own experience, and the experience of countless business owners he has worked with, he saw the tendency to over invest in the business for too long of a period verses harvesting the business when, and as, appropriate to spread risk and build wealth personally as well as in the business.

This partnership has produced a new business model that serves the business owner’s passion to grow a successful company as fast as possible, but to also protect the wealth it creates.