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Our mission is to help business owners reach the next level of their vision whether through growth or planning to exit at maximum value because “Your Vision Is Our Mission”. 

Fortress Business Advisory specializes in bringing clarity to the business owner’s vision while Multiplying Cash Flow and Business Value. We do this by implementing our proven strategy that will turn a good business into a great business. As a part of our effort to increase cash flow we also look to reduce expenses while also working to protect against the unexpected in life. This is done by coordinating closely with our teams at Fortress Financial Strategies and Fortress Insurance Services to evaluate all options and strategies.  While we understand there are many reasons why business owners start and build businesses one goal that is universal to all is to increase shareholder value.  Since, the largest shareholder is normally the owner, managing personal cash flow from the business to your personal balance sheet while paying the least amount of taxes is the key to success.  Therefore, all Personal Financial Planning and Business Exit Planning strategies are coordinated with your other trusted advisors to ensure success. 

How We Can Help

Grow Your Business

As a business owner you probably started your business to gain more control over your life, income and future opportunities. Now you are finding yourself frustrated, overworked and underwhelmed at your companies performance? You are not alone and we can help!  

Know the Value of Your Business

Your business is one of your most important assets. Getting a valuation not only gives you a true value of what your business is worth but also helps in tracking the growth. Having solid numbers will help with meeting milestones and make sure your on track with your goals.

Plan to Exit on Your Terms

You have been building your business and have been thinking “how do I keep my legacy going?” Do you sell your business to a family member or third party? What do you need to do in order to get the maximum amount for your business? These are all questions that will be answered.

Proactive Tax Planning

Proactive tax planning if far more than just tax filing. Tax filing is the final step you do each year to meet the IRS deadline. Proactive tax planning is something you should be doing all year and could save you money every year. If you feel you are paying too much in taxes then give us a call for a free tax assessment.


Are you ready to build more value in your business?

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