Where are you in your business journey?

All Business Owners that we work with are on their own path.  We have experts to help no matter where you are in your journey.  Explore this page to learn more about where you can gain the knowledge to know what to do next.

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Questions You Should Be Asking

These are common questions we hear from business owners that are imperative they find the answers to.  Our goal is to educate you as a business owner to make proactive decisions that put you in the driver’s seat of your financial future.

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Do I Even Need A Valuation?

When is the right time to get my valuation done?

Why is Now a Good time to think about how I will exit my business?

Is your business currently running without you?

What Are the benefits of a family office?

Do you consistently review ALL of your Personal and Business planning together?

How Do I know If My Business Is Attractive to Buyers?

What do I need for my business to be attractive to any buyer?

Is There a Right Place to Start when Building Value in My Business?

Do I start with Finance, Operations, Sales or Marketing?

What areas of my business do I need to protect the most?

What do I choose as a priority when it comes to personal and business insurance?

Business Planning Case Studies

We are a full-service creative firm, made up of a team of experienced advisors.

Our mission is to help bring you creative solutions to everyday business owner challenges.

Examples that educate us

01 Case Study

The Challenge of Not working with an exit planning advisor

The owner's goal in exiting was to sell to a third-party buyer who would then relocate the business. He wanted to exit as soon as possible, but without working with a CEPA one the sell-side advisory team, his exit was not a smooth transition.

02 case study

A look into Pressure solutions inc.

Established in 1976, Pressure Solutions Inc. has been a pioneer within their industry by providing innovative solutions, outstanding value, and a broad offering of premium quality product lines.

03 case study

How Improving the four tangible capitals can build value in your business

One of the first responsibilities of an advisor relative to helping a business increase in value is to explain the difference between tangible and intangible capitals and their effect on business value.

04 case study

The Value of Transitioning A Business to Its Employees

Determining the best course of action for your business transition can be hard. How do you know if the next owner will follow similar core values, have similar passions, and will carry on the brand successfully?

Commit to constant improvement

For over 20+ years our team has been teaching ways you can improve Business Education.  We focus on Small Business owners so they can focus on their business.

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