How We Do IT

Below you will see a complete leadership and management system that will organize your team into a powerful force that shares a common vision and possesses the skills to realize that vision. You will also see a reporting and accountability process that ensures everyone is on task (and motivated) to build a positive, focused culture and a high-performance company. Our 9-step process with give you a comprehensive look at every aspect of your Business Financial portfolio.

As you explore this system, you will see how it will naturally produce the following System Objectives.


“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” Lao Tzu

This philosophy is critical to ensure that System Objective number six is also realized: Get free of the day-to-day work. Freedom, security and real joy comes from a developing a team that can run your increasingly successful company without you.

You will choose your planning team of three to five people, which should include partners and key managers. They will build and sustain the momentum that will create a high-performance company.


You are a visionary whether you feel like one or not. It is your “Why” and your team must know what it is. It will dictate your, and your team’s, future, but it will influence countless others as well: your team members’ families, your suppliers, your customers and everyone who watches you from a distance will be impacted by your vision.

It will attract the right people to your team; it will inspire people to want to follow you and it will be your greatest accomplishment. Its value cannot be overstated.


Your strategy identifies and focuses all your resources like a laser, which is then targeted at your most profitable market niche where your competition is weakest, or not present at all. Having an effective strategy will give you a great advantage over all your competitors because most of them do not have one – nor do they even know how to come up with one. Your vision gives people a reason to follow you; your strategy ensures they continue to follow you.


Growing companies consume resources, but well managed companies create more resources than they consume. Your growth plan must communicate what critical resources you need such as: how many more people you need and with what skills, how much cash, credit and equipment you need, and when, and in what order, you will need them?


What a magnifying glass does to concentrate the power of the sun, effective management does with the power of its people. Nothing matches the power of focus. When organized, trained, monitored and accountable for the company’s goals, your team will accomplish more in less time and with fewer resources than ever before.


What is the greatest resource in any company? It is not their customers or their cash; it is the owner’s attention! When the leader is buried in the day-to-day work of the company, this vacuum of leadership becomes the company’s most significant bottleneck.

There are responsibilities that only you can perform. Everything else should have a deadline to offload onto someone else. This unleashes your company to grow in countless new ways. And your employees will celebrate your freedom – and theirs.


“I am a good investor because I’m a good businessman. I am a good businessman because I am a good investor.” Warren Buffett

The purpose of your business is to increase shareholder value. Your business, however, is a risky investment given everything that could diminish its value. You should treat your business like any other asset in your portfolio. Invest in it liberally when the profit potential justifies it, and harvest the cash to invest elsewhere when it is not. This philosophy of Warren Buffett’s will make you rich too.