Protection & Risk

In an environment of increased uncertainty, more businesses are finding that employing risk mitigation strategies is no longer an option; but a key component of a robust business strategy. Take a look at the video below!

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Is My Business Protected?

Key-man Insurance

Your profitability is dependent on the special skills, experience, talent or connections of a vitally important employee in your company (including yourself), you need to watch this short, but informative video to learn how you can protect your business from the loss of anyone so vital to the success of your business.

Buy/Sell Funding

If you have at least one business partner, and you want to protect both the profitability and market value of the business, watch this video on the importance of a funded Buy/Sell agreement.

Business Life Insurance

If you own a business of any size . . . watch this short video to learn how you can protect your profitability and market value against the loss of your best people.  

Deferred Compensation (SERP)

If you want to recruit, reward or retain your top people, watch this short video to learn why deferred compensation plans are so popular.   

Executive Bonus Plan

If you are a corporate owner or executive with any size company, watch this short video to learn about Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code, and how you can use tax deductible corporate dollars to fund a legally discriminatory and exclusive retirement plan for specific people in your company (including yourself) that can provide tax free income at retirement.

Insurance Financing

If your financial plan or objective requires the purchase of a large amount of life insurance, but your cash flow is currently funding other investments, watch this short video to learn how you can finance the cost of that insurance with little or no cash outlay.

Salary Continuation

If you are managing a team of corporate executives, and you want a tax advantaged supplemental compensation plan to enhance their financial security, watch this short video to learn about a three way plan to guarantee their salary continuation.

Business Tax Strategies

 If you are a business owner who doesn't like paying any more taxes than you legally need to, and you do not yet have a comprehensive "business tax strategy" - watch this short video to discover substantial tax benefits available to business owners that most tax advisors know too little about.

Am I Personally Protected?

Individual and Family Healthcare Coverage

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Medicare Coverage

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Personal Life Insurance

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Accident, Critical Illness, Disability and more!

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Home, Auto and more!

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Our Team

We would like to introduce our team of specialists that will work with Business Owners 1:1 to achieve their goals in each of our areas of expertise.

Brett Prezi

Brett Andrews

Personal & Business Financial Strategist
Financial, Business & Tax Planning Specialist

Rebecca Andrews

Protection & Risk Analyst
Insurance Specialist

Tara Prezi

Tara Groody

Business & Operations Analyst
Operations Specialist

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