Brett Andrews

Brett has worked with individuals and businesses managing their assets since 1998. His mission is to help clients reach their goals while managing risk in their total financial situation. Brett’s experience as a portfolio manager from 2000-2011, during some of the most volatile financial markets in history, led him to develop new and unique methods for portfolio design. These methods include far more than just traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and may differ depending on each client’s individual needs. To accomplish this Brett has combined modern financial planning techniques with technical, quantitative, and behavioral analysis, to achieve a truly unique and dynamic approach to total wealth management.

While Brett believes investments are an important part of planning he also brings many other resources and subject matter experts to clients as needed. Brett believes that having a Financial Advocate is one of the most important pieces often missing in many financial plans. He realized this as the son of entrepreneurs as he witnessed many of the trials and tribulations that often come with business ownership. He learned many things that only life experience can teach those that have made the decision to become their own boss. As a business owner himself, he understands the responsibility and commitment it takes to build and maintain a successful practice. That is why his passion is to work as the Financial Advocate for those that would rather spend their time growing their business or enjoying the fruits of their labor. As an Advocate he evaluates each situation to discover inefficiencies. Then, he coordinates all efforts and works with a client’s other trusted advisors. Next, he proposes solutions to resolve any gaps or create savings over a client’s current structure. Finally, he implements and maintains a custom designed plan that is constructed based on each client’s objectives. In essence, his business is to improve a client’s situation and this is his motivation to show up to work each day.