We offer full-service Value Building & Exit Planning, customized for you

It is vital to your Business’s success to be prepared.  Topics we cover in Business Exit Planning and Value Building:

Business Valuation

Exit Readiness Review 

Building Value vs. Selling

Wealth Gap

Lifestyle Planning

Is Your Business Attractive?

Should you Grow your Business or Plan to Exit?  

What does an attractive buyer look like?  

Can your Business run without you?

Is My Business Ready for Me to Exit?

When is a good time to start talking about exiting your business? The answer is NOW!

Cash Flow Analysis
Team/Management Analysis
Wealth Gap Analysis
Business Asset Analysis
Value Building Analysis
Exit Readiness Analysis
Tax Analysis & Strategies

Executing the Plan

What Are Your Goals in Selling Your Business?

What Type of Sale Makes Sense for My Business?

Who Has a Seat at the Table?


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