The Fortress 6 Step Roadmap

#1 - Protection


* Insurable and Non-Insurable Risk
* Integrated Planning
* Wealth, Tax & Risk Readiness
* Exit Map Assessment

#2 - Your Business Health


* Asset, Equity, Enterprise, & Liquidation
* Business Insurance Coverage Recommendations
* Market & Economic Analysis

#3 - The Growth Plan


* Growth Implementation
* Strategic Exit Pre-Planning
* Personal Financial Planning
* Compliment & Validate Growth Coaching

#4 - Your Exit Readiness


* Personal Wellness & Life After Plan
* Personal Readiness to Exit
* SDE & Growth Factors
* Owner Goals & Objectives
* Time Triangulation
* Establish Freedom Point
* Owner Centric Planning

#5 - The Exit Plan


* Strategic Planning - 90-day sprints
* Personal Financial Strategies

#6 - The Sale


* Freedom Point Achieved
* Exit Planning Team - M&A, Business Broker, CPA, Attorney & Advisors
* Wealth Management

Understanding the Gaps

Risk GAP: Expected vs. Unexpected

Risk Gap - Risk Protected

Protecting your biggest asset—finding savings that impact the bottom line. Avoid the risk from unforeseen circumstances that will make or break the future of your business and affect your family.

Value Gap - Growth Achieved

Do the numbers say you are prepared? By determining the value gap, we uncover the areas a buyer would pick apart if you sold your business today. The most successful business owners are always prepared to sell!

Wealth Gap - Financial Independence

Once we have covered the risk factors that impact the value gap, the wealth gap is the most important piece in reaching true financial independence. It is our job to make sure you reach your Freedom Point, solidifying your financial future.