Problems We Solve and
The Expert Team That Guides You

At Fortress Business Advisory we offer a comprehensive analysis of your ENTIRE business not just a specialty. We help business owners that are too busy working in the day-to-day instead of working on their business.  We work together on knowing your business worth, growing your cash flow, building business attractiveness and coaching you through ultimately exiting your business when you have reached your freedom point.

  •  Achieve a highly decentralized business where you have decisions that flow through you and are not relied upon by you.
  • Build a profitable, attractive business that is highly sellable, prepared for contingencies and attractive to buyers.
  • Focusing on business growth, the owner can choose when and if they want to sell.
  • Review and plan for all areas of Risk Mitigation that impact the current and future financial position for the owner personally and the business.

We use many proven strategies and systems to address multiple areas of focus with one team!  Initially, we will evaluate all areas of your business with our complimentary discovery process.  The details about you and your business allow us to create highly effective customizable solutions.

  • Valuation Options – Fair Market Value for Planning and Certified 
  • Value Builder System™
  • Exit Planning Institute™ 
  • CEPA™ 90 Day Value Acceleration Workshops
  • Tax Master Network
  • Valuation Planning
    • Fair Market Value, Asset Sale, Equity Sale, Enterprise Sale, Liquidation Sale
    • Mergers and Acquisitions, Buy-Sell Value Corrections, Minority Owner Discounts, Bank and SBA Loan Audits, Partner Disputes, Marital Dissolutions, Capital Infusion, Collateral Assessments
    • Estate, Charitable Contributions, and Tax Planning
    • Annual ESOP Calculations, Sub-S Conversion Calculations, IRS Challenges
  • Value & Exit Blueprint
    • Owner Centricity
    • Value Gap Analysis
    • Wealth Gap Analysis
    • Contingency Roadmap
    • Risk Reduction Analysis
    • EBITA Multiplier
    • Personal and Business Readiness
    • Management Succession
  • Business Continuity & Succession Plan
    • Business Continuity Instructions
    • Creation and Review of Existing Documents
    • Management Team Incentive Programs
    • Management Team Stay Bonus Plan
    • Disposition of Ownership Interest
    • Business Owner Salary Continuity Plan
    • Put in Place the Associated Funding Mechanisms
  • Building Value and When to Exit
    • Why is it important for me to have a personal financial plan and not just investments?
    • What steps do I take as a business owner to prioritize my retirement?
    • Will the sale of my business allow me to retire with the lifestyle I desire?
    • Where do I start to improve my cash flow?
    • How attractive is my business to buyers either now or in the future?
    • How will the current economy impact the growth and/or sale of my business in 2023?
    • What are the best tax strategies for my business?
  • Selling My Business
    • How will I know if my business is ready to sell?
    • When is the right time for me to sell?
    • Will I be selling to an internal or external buyer?
    • Who do I need on my Exit Planning team?

There are several complimentary components offered for us to get started with all of our clients. Our Business Analyst will start with a discovery process that allows us to get a preliminary picture of your business and its needs.  Depending on the size and complexity of your business, there are several options for us to provide high-quality affordable services to ensure you receive the best possible value for your investment.  Give us a call to find out what it can look like for you!

Talk to our friendly professionals!  We start with a quick 15 min call to see if we are a good fit.  We talk about your business, what you are looking to accomplish, areas of contention you would like help with, and answering any questions or concerns you may have to create solutions.   There is no obligation, no cost and no pressure.  Once we have determined we can help, our next steps are to dive a little deeper into your business specifics.  This process is also complimentary as we provide a proposed plan and look for savings before you spend a dime!  Schedule a Call.

Many owners who come to us are stuck, burned out, and have a lot of questions. They find themselves learning that their Greatest Strength Becomes a Debilitating Weakness

Why would you wait to start making the business better?  Reaching out is not you saying you want to sell your business now, it’s you saying you want your business to have maximum value, so you can be ready to sell either today or when you are ready.

As business owners who understand how to grow a company (and support the people that power the results), the Fortress Business Advisory Team are some of the most experienced business, insurance and personal planning professionals in the industry. We specialize in value acceleration, developing credible and certified valuations, implementing the art of business strategies/systems, and developing business exit options that are understandable and doable. In collaboration with a network of organizations and top brands, Fortress Business Advisory works with other advisors to owners with a collaborative team mentality.

Business Advisory Services Team

Brett Andrews

Value Building &
Exit planning expert

Tara Groody

Business Analyst &
Operations Expert

Rebecca Andrews

Protection/Risk Analyst &
Insurance expert