What You Need to Know About Valuations

Where Does a Business Owner Get Started When Valuing a Business?

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When Should a Business Owner Pay for a Valuation?

  • If you have never done a Valuation or it has been more than 12 months since your last Valuation
  • If you are looking for an SBA Loan
  • If you are anticipating a legal review of your financials, this can include the IRS
  • If you are considering adding partners
  • If you are looking to sell

FMV Valuation Report

This 27-page Business Valuation Report that includes a BONUS 2 page Insurance Value Report.

For Business Expansion and Strategic Planning, this report provides:

4 Types of Sale Values
Financial Summary
KPI Overview
Value Map

Protection Report

Time Frame: 7 days
Dependent on receiving timely information from client.

Summary Appraisal Report

This 50-100 page Accredited Valuation Report is a more detailed summary report.

For Supporting Buying and Selling A Business, this report is needed for:

Bank Financing
SBA Loans
Capital Raise Preparation

Time Frame: 1-2 weeks
Dependent on receiving timely information from client.

Detailed Appraisal Report

This 200-300 page Accredited Valuation Report is a full detailed report.

For Litigation and Tax Purposes, report provides:

Protection from a High Degree of Scrutiny

Highly Defensible and Provides Peace of Mind

Time Frame: 2-3 weeks
Dependent on receiving timely information from client.

Complexity Experts

Complexity Examples Valuation purpose - i.e. partnership or marital disputes, ESOP, or estate planning
Complex capital structures
Complex financial instruments
- i.e. options, warrants, preference shares
Complex corporate structure
- i.e. multiple entities, entity type, and entity size.
Incomplete and unaudited financial statements not consistent with GAAP
Application of discounts
(control / marketability / keyman etc.)
Coordination and review of specialized appraisals, i.e. real estate, intangibles, equipment.

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