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The Steps

  1. Establish a baseline value of your company so you can measure the impact of your effective leadership in a meaningful way.
  2. Introduce the “flash report” that tracks everything that impacts cash so you can optimize its accumulation.
  3. Introduce the control panel, which establishes your annual plan, accelerates your confidence in making high-level strategic decisions and measures your progress on many of your System Objectives.
  4. Identify objectives in sales, marketing, operations and finance that will ensure, when executed, your annual plan will materialize.
  5. Execute the following steps to focus your team and prepare them for growth and increased effectiveness:
    1. Prepare the organization chart, job descriptions and compensation parameters so everyone gains clarity on who they report to, the results they are accountable for, what opportunities for advancement exist and what their income opportunity is.
    2. Evaluate your team to discover what training is required to elevate each team member’s performance to an 8+ ASAP (on a 1-10 scale) to optimize each person’s contribution to the annual plan.
    3. Distribute the objectives identified in #4 across your team that will move your company ahead further and faster.
    4. Make each person’s contribution to the plan transparent by having them report their key performance indicators (KPI’s) each week.
    5. Hold weekly 15 to 30 minute staff meetings that allow each team member to report on their KPI’s and the progress on their objectives.
    6. Develop a lean philosophy where waste is eliminated, bottlenecks are removed and a culture is achieved that makes anything possible.
  6. Craft your strategy. Upon completing the first five steps, you will have developed strategic advantages that you did not previously have. We now focus this new power source into the market niche(s) where we know you can hit one homerun after another.
  7. Launch your vision. Your team will now be convinced that anything is possible. Now is the time to inspire them with an exciting vision, unleash their potential and get out of their way.